Every student benefits from the range of performing arts-based activities we offer, whether as a performer, creator or part of the production team. Teachers and youth workers enhance their professional practice with training in drama education methodology. Institutions get tailored services for performances large and small, from scripts to full-scale production support.

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Drama Education

Drama workshops and courses in English and Cantonese. For schools and youth centres. Learning materials are tailor-made to develop communication and collaborative skills and build confidence.

Theatre Education

Through the process of working on a drama or dance production, participants learn practical, transferable skills and develop a deep understanding of the power of team work.

Professional Development

Workshops and co-teaching opportunities allow teachers and social workers to deepen their understanding and practice of performing arts education.

Dance Education

Increased physical self-awareness, creativity and confidence are the intended outcomes of our dance courses and workshops, which are designed for schools and youth centres.

Technical Arts Education

Participants develop problem-solving, organizational and technical skills working on all backstage aspects of staging a production. They are challenged, but thoroughly supported.

Production Support

We can supply everything necessary for a high-quality school production, from a script to teaching artists who will co-create with students, and from a detailed production plan to a full production team. And top-quality light and sound equipment.