Frankie Cheung

Form 5 student

This is one of the most unforgettable experiences in my school life. I feel like I am improving with every performance and gradually building up my confidence. I can proudly say that I haven’t wasted a minute of it.


Circle Yuen

Form 4 student

I felt so great when I overcame all the challenges in the rehearsals and I’ve learned a lot of skills that are not in our textbooks and which prepare us for the future. I’ve got a sense of accomplishment through this process that is indescribable.


Thomas Le Sayec

University Year 1 Student

All the productions I have joined made me understand the differences between expectations and reality. Performing arts has not only enriched my life but also helped me to see the world from different perspectives. Thank you so much to our director, for making me a part of this warm, special and big family.


Marcus Cheung

University Year 3 Student

I really enjoy the dancing and singing throughout the rehearsal period. The process is far more important than the result. The most important thing is that we can gather together and build stronger bonds in the cast.


Ken Wan

University Year 1 Student

I enjoy every moment in the program especially when we accomplish the staging of a production together. The sense of fulfillment from theatre productions is something that I could never find in other places.


Ting Ting

Form 3 student

Throughout the years I’ve been involved, I have learned a lot of things, especially the meaning of friendship, support, and love. Whether I am one of the ensemble members or a main role in a show, I really treasure every single moment on stage with my friends.